Out and About

In addition to my private practice, sometimes you’ll find me out and about:)
One of my long-time passions has been to do Humanitarian work and so you’ll find articles here about my work in the refugee camps, as well as articles I’ve written as a contributor to The Huffington Post, guest posts I’ve written for other popular blogs and the latest addition, podcast interviews (which were super fun to do!)

The Huffington Post: 

Behind the Tents: Life as a Refugee

5 Lessons I Learned as an Aid Worker

3 Lessons I learned: What the Refugees Really Want

Cancer is Awkward. How to Talk to Someone with Cancer

CBC News:
Heading to Work in Athens Refugee Camps

The Chaos of the Refugee Camps

Guest Posts on Popular Blogs:

The Tapping Solution:
Everyone has an addiction. What’s Yours?

EFT Universe:
How EFT Can Help Children Cope with Divorce

Rage Against the Minivan:
What I want you to know about post-partum depression

Muslim Bipolar:
5 Postpartum Gems

Podcast Interviews:

EFT for Postpartum Depression

EFT in the Religious Community