I can’t thank Manal enough for our sessions together. They are always so powerful and life changing. Manal is a warm, caring individual who brings laughter to all her sessions as well as amazing depth and clarity. Since starting sessions with Manal, I’ve uncovered and cleared a lot of old habits, beliefs and behaviours. We’ve uncovered deep trauma and its gone! In myself I’m a lot lighter in spirit and far more confident. I now post authentic and often raw blogs on my website and am true to myself even if that often means voicing a different opinion in a group. I’m aware that I presence myself far more both in the world and online. Creativity flows much more now too and I’m designing healing and coaching programmes, recording meditations and publishing a meditation book. I’m also full time mum to a lively 3 year old and thanks to Manal’s sessions we now play a lot more as one of my aims was to feel unconscious enough to run around with him despite feeling ancient at 45 years old! I’m also stopping and appreciating all that I do in my life whether that’s teaching our son to cook or creating a meditation. I’m so grateful for everything I achieve and equally for the previous quiet time I have, as well as all the time with our son. Thank you Manal for being the wonderful caring, funny, healing person you are and for enriching my life. Xxx
-Samantha Rock Cooper, UK http://www.samrockcooper.com/

I have been seeing Manal for a couple of years now, the reason I go back to her is that I find her to be great at her job! She is professional, caring, shows empathy, and is just really good at what she does! She is dedicated to her work, and it shows!  She has helped me get past some of the hardest and most difficult moments in my life…I am now able to look back with a different perspective and am able to cope and deal with it in ways I could not before Manal’s help. I don’t know how she does it, but she does it well. I highly recommend her to anyone who is going through any kind of stress, worry, coping, grief, sadness, illness or what ever it is, she will give you her 100%, no doubt about it! If you are looking for emotional freedom…call Manal!
– A.A., Ontario

I met Manal on an internet group when I was at a really low point in my life. She was the one who introduced me to EFT and advised me to try the youtube-films of Brad Yates. This was a big revelation to me. I suffer from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks and the EFT gave immediate relief. But I’m a quality seeker and the youtube films are very generalised. I realised that to get the maximum out of EFT, I should look for a more personal approach. That is when Manal offered the Skype-sessions (we live on different continents). Being able to talk about the problem, trying to find out some of the underlying problems, getting to the root of it, and then clearing it all away… I feel at ease with Manal. She is a kind and warm person and I felt comfortable talking about my fears. Also she ends each session with a beautiful text that offers insight and peace. At this moment it has been two weeks since my last panic attack, which was not as fierce as usual. I can recognise the thoughts in my head that trigger my anxieties and then say to myself: I’m not going there today. I feel a lot better in my skin. Thank you Manal! – Chrisje P., Belgium

Wow, I can’t even begin to say how amazing this experience was! At first I was skeptical but after a reassuring promise from Manal, I decided to give it a try, and I’m SO glad I did! My fears literally disappeared within minutes and I felt like I was free! Thanks Manal!
– J.K., Ontario

Before my first EFT session with Manal, I had struggled for months with body image issues. I had made the decision to get fit and healthy almost one year ago, and have come a long way, but was struggling to see the change physically that others were seeing. I was in a mental state where I would not allow myself a “cheat day”, or even be around people that might influence me to “cheat”, without being overwhelmed with guilt and self hatred that stemmed from fear of going back to how I was.

During the EFT session with Manal, I felt the guilt and self hate slowly lessen with each minute, as if a huge weight (no pun intended!) was being lifted off of my shoulders. With each round, I was able to see more and more who I am, versus who I was (I’m totally crying at this sentence- I think this was my aha! moment during the session that I cried in too!) At the end of the session, the only thought that was going through my head was how I wanted to look at myself in the mirror, which was totally new to me! When I looked at myself after our session, I felt happy and proud of myself at the accomplishments I have had and the obstacles I had overcome, instead of feeling mad or upset that I hadn’t reach my goal yet. That same evening, I went out to eat with the family and ate anything and everything I had with zero guilt! Since the session, I keep reminding myself of that feeling and am learning to focus on the positive instead of the negative, and without the stress and guilt I felt every time I’d want to indulge, I have actually been able to get over my plateau! Thanks Manal for being a wonderful coach and for helping me to see how much I have accomplished!
– H.D., Toronto

I was a nervous wreck without knowing what was at the base of it. I was even walking around with a cane. I have a right to do so because I have Muscular Dystrophy but that fact had me playing into the idea I was sick. I went through one session with Manal, and I have no idea what happened, but I have been released and I feel more well than I have for years!
– Nancy Biddle

Working with Manal is wonderful in many ways.  I have always found Manal to be authentically compassionate and giving.  It is very evident in our sessions together. She creates an environment that allows me to be vulnerable and to be myself.  Her techniques are very effective in a sense that they address issues that I’m holding on to and are not serving me.  I am able to move into a more loving and forgiving place for myself which generates healing.  She has great intuition and is able to form an extremely productive session from which I take away more peace and love toward myself and the world in general.
– Monica G., Life Coach